Ralph Knudsen
Compressed Natural Gas pump displays the tax sticker listing taxes on each GGE (gas gallon equivalent).

Let's set the record straight. I have been increasingly annoyed by reading misrepresentations in articles and letters appearing in the news about CNG cars and taxes. I ask that the Deseret News not print misrepresentations so as not to misinform the public.

The myth: In articles and letters about Senator Harper’s bill to place a large annual fee on CNG cars, it has been justified by saying that CNG cars pay no tax.

The truth: The CNG drivers pay federal and state road taxes at the pump just like everyone else. How is it that Senator Harper can claim the CNG drivers are not paying “their fare share” when not only do they pay road taxes at the pump like everyone else, most of them pay an additional state fee to promote clean air by displaying their “C” plates.

The evidence: A photo of a CNG pump displays the tax sticker listing the federal and state taxes collected on each GGE (gas gallon equivalent) sold. You can see with your own eyes that CNG drivers pay their fare share of road taxes.

Let us please stop perpetrating the false claim that drivers of CNG cars pay no fuel taxes.

Ralph Knudsen