After a year, opposition to Common Core in Utah looks to be only getting stronger. The Deseret News published a piece on 400 people who rallied at the Capitol, and as you certainly know, that's a huge number, especially when these are people with children who have frenzied lives.

Perhaps it's time, then, for state politicians to start taking these laser-sharp moms and dads more seriously. Common Core has become an election issue across the country, in races as varied as U.S. Senate (Kansas), state superintendent (South Carolina) and governor (Georgia). Perhaps a main reason Common Core hasn't been ousted yet is the immunity of the education system to democratic control. The previously mentioned article points out one example of this in state school board elections.

Even people who don't care about or support Common Core can see the benefits of making those who control Utah education more accountable to the public, rather than accountable to politicians who can hide behind their multitude of other campaign positions in order to get or stay elected.

Joy Pullmann