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On this week’s “Deseret News National Edition,” editors from The Atlantic and the Deseret News discuss the "Father Factor" series, the director of Stop Predatory Gambling explains the push to get government out of gambling, and Carole Mikita looks at the return of religious movies.

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The state of contemporary American fatherhood is the subject of a new editorial collaboration between The Atlantic and the Deseret News. The series, which is now online, looks at the social, cultural and economic factors affecting family life. Mike Headrick discussed the series with Eleanor Barkhorn, senior editor at The Atlantic, Paul Edwards, editor of the Deseret News, and Lois Collins, writer for the Deseret News.

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It is getting harder and harder for people at the bottom of the economic ladder to climb up.

One group believes if lawmakers want to get serious about improving upward mobility they need to remove government from the gambling business.

Deseret News reporter Eric Schulzke discussed this idea with Les Bernal, national director of Stop Predatory Gambling.

Segment 3

“Son of God” opened in theaters over the weekend and it’s getting plenty of buzz. Religion reporter Carole Mikita talked with producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett about an emerging trend in biblical topics in movies.

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