The current proposal of Mayor Ben McAdams is not the solution. The Salt Lake Valley is already divided into cities, and each of these unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County is so diverse, with different priorities and needs.

The best solution is to annex the unincorporated areas into existing, surrounding cities based on ZIP code and proximity to the nearest city. This would allow people to vote for a local mayor and council with their needs in mind. The next-best solution for Millcreek residents is to become a city to keep the tax dollars in the neighborhood — to preserve identity and improve the area.

The “community preservation project” only preserves the old model by keeping Salt Lake County in the municipal services business and governed by a mayor elected by the entire valley. It creates additional government in an attempt at local representation.

Are local needs really going to be met by a nine-member council made up of citizens from across the valley with competing interests? No, SB 216 is not the answer.

Joel Sheppard