If running doesn't work for you, try something new, writes Arianne Brown.

As a runner, people will often ask me questions about running. I get questions ranging from what the best running shoe is to questions about form and training tips. I love when I get asked these types of questions, and I am more than happy to give my two cents.

There is one question, however, that I get asked quite often: “What can I do to enjoy running?”

The other day, in fact, a friend of mine asked this very question. She then went on to say that she is surrounded by runners; her husband is a runner, her children enjoy running, even some of her best friends are runners. But she just can't get into it.

“Every time I get out for a run, I don't like it,” she said. “Is there something wrong with me? What do I need to do to like it more?”

She may have expected me to give her a list of things she can do, but I did just the opposite.

“Then don't run,” I said.

I could tell she was a little taken aback by my answer. I quickly followed up by asking her what she liked to do.

She went on to say that she loved doing interval and strength training. “I like to do quick exercises with a lot of power,” she said.

We then talked about the great benefits that come from those types of exercises, with her even teaching me a few things that I didn't know.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves pressured by others to do a certain form of exercise, whether it's running, Zumba or cross-fit training. And while these are all great ways to get in shape, one size doesn't fit all.

I have a sister-in-law who is a phenomenal Zumba instructor. I have been to class with her, and try as I may, I am stiff as a board. My body doesn't shake, my hips don't sway and I am all sorts of wrong on that dance floor.

If I liked it, I would stick with it ... but I don't.

Likewise, my sister-in-law has tried to run, with no success in the “like” department.

I don't have to dance and she doesn't have to run, and we are both in great shape.

So, when you find yourself begrudgingly running along that parkway, wishing you had a pair of roller skates or a longboard to get you home, ditch the running shoes and hop on some wheels. If you are playing a game of church ball and have an insatiable urge to drop-kick the basketball, grab some cleats and head out on the soccer field next time.

One size does not fit all in the game of fitness. Find what you like to do. After all, there are plenty of activities to choose from.

Arianne Brown is a mother of six who loves running the beautiful trails around Utah. For more articles by her, "like" her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter at arimom5, or visit her blog,