I am a working mother who until five months ago was also a single mother. The cost of preschool is phenomenally difficult to afford, leaving me needing to work even more hours away from my little girl. I do not have the option of teaching my child at home, even now, and the quality of preschools available is often concerning.

I grew up poor and was significantly behind my peers in school, having not been financially able to attended preschool. I wanted better for my daughter and sacrificed to pay for her preschool because I know the long term benefits and how important it is for her growth and development. Every parent wants the best for their children.

Preschool gives kids the strong start they need to be successful in school and later in life and having your child in a high-quality program gives parents the peace of mind they need, knowing that their children are in a caring, learning environment where they can thrive.

HB96 is an important bill and I hope that lawmakers understand how it will truly impact all of us.

Lillian Erickson