If new acquaintances asked, “Who are you in your own mind?” or “What is the most important thing to you?” To either of those questions I would answer, “I’m a dad.” A list by Thought Catalog outlines many of the things people should thank their dads for.

The digital magazine Thought Catalog recently published a list of 16 things people forget to thank their dads for. Highlights on the list, written by Kate Bailey, include getting their kids involved with sports, playing cool music in the car and being the first man that sons use as a role model, among other things.

“For being the first love of every little girl’s life,” Bailey wrote. “The one that teaches her to slow dance and tells her he’ll always protect her and who will walk her down the aisle one day and fix the sink, even if things become difficult in between — dads teach daughters what they want in husbands.”

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