Scott G. Winterton, Deseret Morning News
Gandolfo's Restaurant manager Amy Madrill works at the Kaysville location. Previously, she worked two minimum-wage jobs. A recently released map shows some states are higher than the rest in terms of minimum-wage workers.

Minimum-wage earnings are a hot topic, especially with President Barack Obama addressing it in his State of the Union address and Wal-Mart debating whether to get involved in the push for higher wages.

But which state has the most minimum-wage workers? recently published a map showing Tennessee leads the way with minimum-wage workers at 7.4 percent of its hourly workforce. Idaho is close behind at 7.1 percent, with Alabama and Arkansas right there, too, with 6.8 percent each.

“While every region has its share of such workers, they’re typically most prevalent in areas supported by a strong tourism sector,” wrote Governing. “Workers in tourist destinations, particularly along the coasts, incur higher costs of living.”

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