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Religious films are returning to the box office in the near future. But are they going to change the way they're viewed in Hollywood?

Religious films are making their return to the box office. But will they win over Hollywood?

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That’s the question Michael Cieply of The New York Times asked in his last column, where he explained that religious films haven’t made a large stamp on the box office in the last few years. But films like “Noah” and “Son of God,” which are due out in the next couple of weeks, might bring intrigue and interest of religious films back to the box office, he said. Some of these films might have a message that’s more than just religious, though.

“That churchgoers should be leery of a progressive agenda wrapped in scripture is perhaps understandable, given Hollywood’s recent treatment of religious characters, who are often hypocrites and villains, driving plot lines that make, at best, a token bow toward the virtues of a faith-based life,” Cieply wrote.

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