With regards to efforts to increase education funding by limiting personal income tax exemptions (SB118):

The way the current tax system in Utah is structured, the people who utilize the education system the most — large families — pay the least to support that system. While I respect all families' choice to determine their ideal family size, the truth of the matter is that with more children comes a higher cost of education. More teachers, more classrooms, more buildings, etc.

Imagine if a family decreased the amount of money they spent on food with each additional child. The math simply doesn't add up. No parent would do that because it would mean starving their children, and yet, the current funding structure starves the education system of the resources needed to accomplish the critical task of ensuring every child reaches their potential.

High quality education benefits the entire society, which is why everyone's taxes (parents and non-parents alike) help pay for it. Let's make sure that together we feed kids enough to enable them to thrive.

Karen Van Winkle

Salt Lake City