While I do not begrudge the drivers of so-called 'zero emissions' vehicles their right to drive the vehicle of their choice, it is time that they begin to carry their own financial weight.

Not only is the purchase of their cars heavily subsidized by the rest of us through tax credits, they contribute little or nothing to the maintenance of the roads they drive on, which are primarily funded with gasoline taxes. The environmental benefits of these vehicles can be debated (all-electric plug-ins, the Holy Grail of the environmental lobby, create increased demand for electrical production and transmission, all of which have environmental effects be it through burning of coal or natural gas, land development for wind or solar farms, mining to produce raw materials for transmission lines and high-tech batteries, etc.), but their effects on roadways cannot. The pavement beneath their tires wears the same no matter the energy source powering them.

Therefore, I urge the Utah Legislature to increase the registration fees on automobiles not run primarily on gasoline or diesel.

Drew L Allen