I never thought the day would come when our state legislature got so scared of the will of the people that it prevented them from deciding on an issue through their votes.

Sen. Chris Bramble has submitted a bill that would negate the Count My Vote initiative in the event that voters approve it this fall. He claims he's not defying the voice of the people because the people haven't had a chance to vote on the issue yet. And he's right. He isn't defying the voice of the people — he's deciding that whatever they say, he will ignore it. Nullifying an initiative before it even hits the ballot is little better than silencing the petitioners directly.

The reasoning behind this bill is a disgrace. If the legislature doesn't like an initiative, it should convince the people directly instead of deciding beforehand that it will ignore their decisions. Bramble would do well to remember that at the end of the day, those people are the ones he has to answer to — or, at least, they would be in a decent electoral system.

Jenica Jessen