Stuart Johnson, Deseret News Archives
University Mall in Orem.

OREM — Support is pouring in from around the country for the Orem woman who bought what she called indecent T-shirts at the mall to keep kids from seeing the images.

Judy Cox purchased $567 worth of T-shirts at a PacSun store at University Mall on Feb. 15. Cox said she was concerned about the messages and images on the shirts.

But she's not taking any money and instead is directing people to donate to anti-pornography groups such as Fight the New Drug, a nonprofit organization that educates young people about the dangers of pornography.

FTND is growing in influence around Utah and the U.S. It recently held school assemblies in the St. George area, but has also been active in other areas of Utah.

"Porn is like a drug. It distorts meaning of healthy relationships and love," it says in its online presentation. "We will fight this new drug, and we will not rest until the world knows that pornography is harmful."

Cox said she appreciates the generous outpouring of support. She's returning the shirts to PacSun and hopes the public outcry will keep them from restocking such images in store windows to protect children.