Devon Blackmon is a junior college transfer from California who was originally a University of Oregon signee.

BYU football recruiting efforts bagged three outstanding transfer wide receivers who may collectively over the next two years match or exceed the career statistics of the famed Cody Hoffman. Now it is true that Hoffman's five-year odyssey included a redshirt season, but it is interesting that this promising receiving trio will be able to create some of the same excitement that Hoffman brought to the Cougar program and fans, and do it right now.

Two of the players are coming from junior college programs and will have two years each to play for BYU, while the other qualified under the unique rule for college graduates to transfer and play wihout having to sit out a year. Collectively they have five years of eligibility to play for the Cougars, and it could get really good really fast if each receiver is able to maximize his talents in the BYU system.

Devon Blackmon is a junior college transfer from California who was originally a University of Oregon signee, and was a high school teammate of the beloved and exciting Cougar running back Jamaal Williams. It was Jamaal's mother who excitedly stated that she now has two of "her boys" at BYU.

Nick Kurtz is also a junior college transfer from California and had big-time offers for his services. He enrolled midyear and will be ready to hit the ground running in spring ball for the Cougars. He has a Cody Hoffman type size and will be a great addition to the program.

Jordan Leslie hit the Cougar fan radar screens late and will be a special and unique addition to the receiving corps. He played for BYU receivers coach Guy Holliday at UTEP and had an outstanding career there. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and has one year of eligibility left. That propitious event could not have happened at a better time for BYU. With Hoffman graduating, the addition of Leslie and the two other outstanding receivers should mean a smooth transition from the Hoffman glory days to the "True Blue Trio."

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Hoffman's statistics are glittering and dynamic. His career 33 touchdowns and 3,612 receiving yards on 260 receptions are not only awe-inspiring, but his knack for crucial catches and spectacular efforts will never be forgotten. We will live with the memories, but will also live with the promise of more Hoffman-like performances with the new and returning receivers. If Ross Apo and Mitch Matthews return in full form from their injuries, we could have a new chapter in Cougar football lore. Taysom Hill must be licking his chops. I like the direction of the Cougar program.

Ken Driggs of Mesa, Ariz., is a BYU graduate and served as Cosmo in the ’60s. Contact him at