Despite persistent claims to the contrary, there are plenty of well-qualified American STEMs and other Americans unable to find employment. ("Is immigration reform necessary to modernize our workforce?” Feb. 16)

Again, the real problem is a growing unwillingness on the part of businessmen and stockholders to pay Americans a fair wage. Hence the call for increased foreign labor and for legalization of persons in the country illegally.

And hence the veiled — and utterly false — insinuation that Americans are not as ambitious or hard-working as foreigners.

Pay Americans what they justly should be paid. They'll be there, qualified, in adequate numbers, now and in the future, without question. Worried about exportation of technology? Put sensible limits on student and H1-B visas, then, instead of raising them.

There is an overwhelming focus on profit with little regard for the well-being of society at large.

Mark Terran

Salt Lake City