I'm glad to see our Legislature making plans to increase funding for education. However, I don't think HB131 is a wise use of public funds. The bill calls for at least $200 million to increase technology in schools.

Increasing technology access should be a priority, but not our first or most expensive priority. Most kids don't need greater access to technology — they already spend too much time on screens. I would rather see schools limit screen use to one hour a day than put a device in each child's hands 30 hours per week. Technology can enhance education, but one device per child is excessive.

My highest priority (and many parents') would be to decrease class size. My son had 35 kids in his third-grade class. High school teachers often have 200-plus students to keep track of. No wonder many of our students fall through the cracks.

Studies show that the biggest factor in a child's education is having a great teacher. Let's spend money on attracting, training and retaining great teachers. To attract teachers, the state could offer scholarships to top students who become schoolteachers. Reducing class size at all grade levels will help our teachers be effective and reduce teacher attrition.

Stacie Mason