I wanted to express thanks to Doug Robinson for bringing attention to the inequality that is currently happening in Class 2A basketball. The UHSAA states on its Web site that they are "committed to improving the participation experience in activities." One could assume that is why classifications exist, so schools without vast resources and large student populations can have an environment where they can compete and be successful.

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It is intellectually dishonest and lazy to allow Wasatch Academy to participate in Class 2A simply because "the number of students" is the same as Gunnison and Manti. One simply needs to see Wasatch's average margin of victory over 2A teams (currently 34.9 points) to see something is not right. Getting defeated by 34 points is not "improving the participation experience in activities," for either team. Arguing that WA's opponents need to "work harder" flies in the face of UHSAA's own mission statement. Besides, who would want to see the Seattle Seahawks play Snow College?

Perhaps the UHSAA should move to the old Indiana High School basketball plan and eliminate classifications. Players from 2A schools would have the same chance of winning a title as they do this year, but at least they wouldn't be getting lied to by a bureaucracy that is supposed to help them.

Marc Buchanan

American Fork