Members of the Senate Education Committee on Thursday advanced a bill that would allow the grandchildren of a charter school founder to bypass that school's enrollment lottery.

SALT LAKE CITY — A bill to allow the grandchildren of charter school founders to bypass enrollment lotteries sailed quickly through a Senate committee Thursday on its way to final passage.

HB36, sponsored by Rep. David Lifferth, R-Eagle Mountain, passed the House last week in a 71-2 vote and was given a favorable recommendation by the Senate Education Committee Thursday. It will now go before the full Senate for consideration.

Lifferth said current law allows the children of charter school founders and board members to enroll in a charter school without participating in enrollment lotteries. He said his bill would extend that provision to the grandchildren of founders in response to the increasingly active role that grandparents take in the raising and education of their families.

"It really affects very few people, but this is a direct result of a constituent in my district who is in this situation," Lifferth said.

Sen. Patricia Jones, D-Holladay, commended Lifferth for sponsoring the bill and agreed that the family dynamic has evolved in many cases to include multiple generations.

"I think you're absolutely right that more are more grandparents are involved and taking care of their grandchildren," she said.