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A college in Maryland is in the early stages of approving a proposal that would make the president's salary based on whatever the janitor makes.

St. Mary’s College in Maryland is considering a new idea for paying its president.

Faculty and students alike want to base their president’s salary on that of the janitor, The Huffington Post reported. The idea would have the president’s salary capped at 10 times the lowest salary at the school, which is now at $24,500 but might expand to $30,000, HuffPost said. That would make the president’s max salary $300,000, which is $25,000 less than the current amount he makes, HuffPost reported. This idea is being considered to quell the concern among the college’s workers, who haven’t been exactly jubilant over their paychecks, HuffPost reported.

"I have to work overtime every week, had to let some of my bills go (unpaid), like my house phone, cable, and cut back on my heating, food, water and my gas bill,” said one workers, according to HuffPost. “Sometimes I need to borrow money from friends, family, and by the time I get my paycheck, I'm broke again.”

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