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A recent Gallup poll asked voters to identify who they would they least vote for. And it seems Atheists and Muslims would receive the last amount of votes.

It’s unlikely we’ll see an atheist or Muslim president anytime soon.

A recent Gallup poll showed that Americans are least likely to vote for an atheist, Muslim or gay or lesbian presidential candidate. Atheists are at the bottom of the poll with 54 percent of the country saying they would vote for them, while Muslims are just above at 58 percent. A gay or lesbian candidate would receive votes from 68 percent of Americans.

But 96 percent of the country would vote for a black candidate and 95 percent would vote for a woman. Catholics receive the nod from 94 percent of voters, as Hispanics, Jewish people and Mormons are middle of the road with 92, 91 and 80 percent approval from Americans, Gallup said.

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