Davis County Jail
Davis High teacher Brianne Altice, 34, was booked into the Davis County Jail for investigation of two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a student.

FARMINGTON — Brianne Land Altice shook her head slightly as a defense attorney repeated a timeline of when the 17-year-old witness on the stand said he had sexual intercourse with his teacher.

Altice's now-former student at Davis High School testified Wednesday that between March and June 2013, when he was between 16 and 17 years old, he and Altice had sexual intercourse four times, the final occasion being on his birthday.

Altice, 34, was charged with three counts of rape, a first-degree felony. A count of forcible sodomy, a first-degree felony, was added to the charges after Wednesday's preliminary hearing.

Second District Judge John R. Morris decided he had heard enough evidence to order Altice to stand trial on the charges.

“Her life’s ruined,” defense attorney Ed Brass said after the hearing.

The charges have affected Altice's ability to parent her two children and have prevented her from teaching, Brass said.

Altice was placed on administrative leave by the Davis School District in October pending the outcome of an investigation.

Altice's husband filed for divorce in November, according to court records.

The teen began attending Altice’s English class during the second semester of the 2012-13 school year, after he moved to Utah from Arizona, he testified.

He said he told Altice four to five times per day that she looked pretty and began “pushing it” from there.

He began skipping classes to attend hers, and he would lie to his parents and other teachers about why he was absent. School administrators never intervened, he said.

He left notes in her desk, he testified.

“When would I get that kiss?” or “If I was 18, would you date me?” the notes read.

She laughed it off or would tell him "no," but he never perceived a negative reaction from her, he testified.

“He was persistent in his flirtations with her,” Davis County sheriff’s detective John Olsen testified.

Eventually her “nos” turned into “maybes,” the young man said.

The two confided in each other about their days, he said. The teen talked about how he hated Utah, and she told him about her vacations and how she and her husband did not get along, he testified.

The teen said he kissed Altice once in her classroom during a free class period.

Over time, the two met often in a nearby church parking lot to kiss.

In mid-March, their kissing escalated to sexual intercourse in Altice’s car, he testified.

Near the end of March, they met in another parking lot, where Altice picked him up. They drove to her house in South Weber where the two had sex, he testified.

This happened two more times, he said, after school while Altice's husband was out of town.

The young man said he stopped turning in assignments around the end of January. He had failing or low grades in every class but Altice’s.

He initially felt proud about his relationship with Altice, he said, but that turned into “guilt and shame.”

Altice is due in court for an arraignment on Feb. 27.

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