"American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest dismisses contestants Andrina Brogden, Brandy Neelly, Austin Wolfe, Kenzie Hall and Jillian Jensen from the competition. Utahns Wolfe and Hall, along with the other three singers, were not given the opportunity to sing before they were eliminated on Tuesday night's show, due to a new change in the show's format.

A change in format sent home five singers, including both remaining Utahns, on "American Idol" on Tuesday night.

Host Ryan Seacrest began the evening by showing off a brand-new theater for the show's live performances, then welcomed viewers to a new concept called "Rush Week." Like the collegiate Greek system common among many universities, Seacrest said "Idol" would showcase its talent and then allow America to pledge its allegiance to their favorite performers.

However, only 10 of the top 15 female singers would get to perform. The singers, sequestered in a room backstage, were called out by the judges, one by one, until only five remained. The final five would not get an opportunity to sing for America's votes and their journey on the show would be over.

Kenzie Hall, of Draper, and Austin Wolfe, of Park City, were among the unlucky five who where not chosen to continue on in the competition.

After the top 10 performed, Hall, Wolfe and three other contestants were called out onto the stage, thanked for their time and dismissed as the credits began to roll.

Though Hall and Wolfe did not get a chance to address viewers on the air, both 17-year-olds immediately reached out through Twitter.

Hall summed up her feelings in one short sentence:

Hall would also later thank judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. for what she called an "amazing opportunity."

"Rush Week" continues on Fox tonight with 10 of the top 15 male singers performing for America's votes. On Thursday's results show, the top 10 singers (five of each gender) will be revealed and the judges will save three additional wild card contestants. Hall and Wolfe are not eligible to be chosen as wild card picks.


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