It seems that in the past the success of our legislature has been measured by the number of bills it passed. One year I remember there were almost a thousand bills passed. That's a ridiculous amount — how can our representatives read so many bills in only 44 days? They can't, so what then is the quality of the laws passed? We have seen that some, at least, are poor and others are so-so. Do we need so many laws? Studies have shown we unknowingly commit between three and six felonies per day! Too many laws criminalize ordinary behavior.

My advice to our legislators is for them to take a look at their bills and consider their quality. Does the law meet constitutional muster? Does it protect rights? Does it give rights to some by denying the rights of others? What does it cost and who pays for it? Remember, it is people who pay all the taxes, not corporations. Can it be effective, or is it just "feel-good" legislation? Does it pander to some minority or is it good for all? Is it really necessary?

Along with the bill passed into law, we must consider the law of unintended consequences.

Consider well, legislators.

Garth Woolsey

West Bountiful