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Matt Gade, Deseret News
Liilian Moore, of Skyline, celebrates her new record in the 100-yard butterfly during the 4A state swim meet held in the Richards Building on the BYU campus in Provo on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014.
I am just so excited. I have been working for that record all season and it feels good that all my hard work has finally paid off. —Skyline senior Lillian Moore, on breaking the record in the 100-yard butterfly

PROVO — At the start of the high school swim season, Skyline senior Lillian Moore set her sights on one goal in particular.

She wanted to swim the 100-yard butterfly faster than 54.86 seconds.

At the 4A state swim meet, completed at BYU Friday evening, she did just that, breaking an eight-year-old state record by touching the wall in 54.61 seconds in the first event of the day.

“I am just so excited,” she said afterward. “I have been working for that record all season and it feels good that all my hard work has finally paid off.”

She dropped her own qualifying time by 3.77 seconds, beat the second-place finisher by more than six seconds, and propelled the Skyline girls team to its third straight state title while solidifying herself as the 4A girls swimmer of the year.

"Every practice, this time is what I was working for. I knew exactly what I had to do and I just felt ready, like I could do it this meet,” Moore said. “I hit every wall — my walls were perfect — and I just have been working on my speed and endurance so I could get back in my back half and just really finish the race strong.”

To continue the record breaking, the Skyline girls 200-yard freestyle relay team of Sophie Brooks, Shelby Dibble, Claire Brooks and Audrey Miller set a new 4A record with a time of 1:39.10, edging out Wasatch, which also passed the previous record with a time of 1:39.34. And in the final event of the day, Miller, Dibble, Claire Brooks and Moore joined efforts in the 400-yard free relay, cutting more than 11 seconds from their qualifying time and setting another new 4A record (3:33.63).

“We had a meet against Highland in November and they touched us out in the relays,” Skyline coach Joe Pereira said. “Our whole thing was, ‘November’s not happening again.’ That was our motivation. Those Highland girls are really good and we knew that we just had to work extra hard to make that happen.”

Highland placed second in the 400 free relay, propelled by India Phillips, Tyler Stephenson, and twin sisters Eva Gontrum and Zoe Phillips.

“I just really love my teammates; they’re the thing that keeps me going,” said Gontrum, who won the 500-yard free in 5:09.50. “My twin sister, Zoe, we swim together and that’s what keeps me going.”

Gontrum won the 500-yard free in 5:09.50 and Zoe Phillips set another 4A record, swimming the 100-yard backstroke in 56.91.

In the boys competition, Springville junior Connor Anderson earned the 4A swimmer of the year, posting a first-place finish in the 500 free (4:39.33) on Saturday. He was also part of the 200 free relay team that placed fourth (1:30.10) and the 400 free relay team that placed second (3:15.22)

Skyline also earned the top spot in the boys competition with 304 points. Kearns placed second (264) and Springville was third.

“This year was tough; it was an uphill battle,” said Pereira. “I have two seniors who are captains and who wanted to win. I told them, 'We need more boys and you’ve really got to push.’ Duke Dunham and Steven Deng brought in 20 boys, all freshmen and sophomores, and they worked and worked. (Dunham and Deng) said they would teach them and they helped teach them, and we got over the top.”

The Skyline boys 200-yard free relay team of James Sorensen, D Steed, Adam Shelton and Mckay Chamberlain set a new 4A record of their own, touching the wall with a time of 1:27.37.

“With the new alignment, all of these previous championship contenders in other classes are now competing against each other,” UHSAA assistant director Becky Anderson said, noting the arrival of Kearns, Judge Memorial and Wasatch, among others, in the 4A ranks. “We knew it was going to bring out the personal bests.”

Amid the comeback victory for his boys team and his third straight win for his girls, Pereira said the best part of winning the state championship had more to do with the kids and less to do with the hardware.

“We have a boy who is a sophomore, Cole Jackman,” the coach said of his 100-yard breaststroke swimmer. “After starting from 15th place, he got on the award stand. He got on there and he couldn’t wipe off that smile. That’s what made it. That’s what we do it for.”

4A state swimming meet



Girls Finals

Team scores: 1, Skyline 383; 2, Wasatch 234; 3, Highland 227; 4, Springville 176; 5, Woods Cross 166; 6, Judge Memorial 149; 7, Mountain Crest 144; 8, Kearns 112; 9, Logan 98; 10, Corner Canyon 81; 11, Sky View 78; 12, Olympus 73; 13, Murray 58; 14, Box Elder; 15, Maple Mountain 35; 16, Orem 27; 17, East 26; 18, Timpview 19; 19, Ogden 15; 20, Provo 10; 21, Bountiful 5; 22, Cyprus 3; 23, Spanish Fork 2; 24, Clearfield 1.

100-yard butterfly: 1, Lillian More, Skyline, 54.61; 2, Annika Israelsen, Sky View, 1:01.18; 3, Gabrielle Beard, Woods Cross, 1:01.71; 4, Xandra Pryor, Highland, 1:02.10; 5, Rachel Finley, Wasatch, 1:02.13; 6, Allison Witte, Judge, 1:02.26.

100-yard free: 1, Hailey Pabst, Mountain Crest, 52.43; 2, Claire Brooks, Skyline, 53.39; 3, Nichole Mertz, Springville, 53.71; 4, Phebe James, Wasatch, 54.94; 5, Tyler Stephenson, Highland, 55.54; 6, Megan Mounteer, Wasatch, 55.65.

500-yard free: 1, Eva Gontrum, Highland, 5:09.50; 2. Hayley Hill, Corner Canyon, 5:13.87; 3, Audrey Miller, Skyline, 5:14.26; 4, Abigail Mooris, Springville, 5:30.30; 5, Abby Loden, Olympus, 5:31.96; 6, India Phillips, Highland, 5:32.16.

200-yard free relay: 1, Skyline (Sophie Brooks, Shelby Dibble, Clarie Brooks, Audrey Miller), 1:39.10; 2, Wasatch, 1:39.34; 3, Mountain Crest, 1:42.53.

100-yard back: 1, Zoe Phillips, Highland, 56.91; 2, Ali Dibble, Skyline, 59.23; 3, Morgan Leishman, Logan, 1:00.45; 4, Alisa Gouge, Kearns, 1:00.68; 5, Payton Acor, Springville, 1:02.24; 6, Gabrielle Beard, Woods Cross, 1:03.02.

100-yard breaststroke: 1, Anna Dahl, Wasatch, 1:05.24; 2, Tyler Stephenson, Highland, 1:09.42; 3, Madelyn Flower, Murray, 1:09.49; 4, Sabrina Nielsen, Woods Cross, 1:10.23; 5, Laura Spencer, Olympus, 1:10.48; 6, Dani Zevelean, Skyline, 1:10.49.

400-yard free relay: 1, Skyline (Audrey Miller, Ali Dibble, Claire Brooks, Lillian Moore), 3:33.63; 2, Highland , 3:39.71; 3, Mountain Crest, 3:44.97.

Boys Finals

Team scores: 1, Skyline 304; 2, Kearns 264; 3, Springville 253; 4, Woods Cross 165; 5, Highland 158; 6, Murray 139; 7, Mountain Crest 138; 8, Wasatch 138; 9, Box Elder 119; 10, East 93; 11, Orem 60; 12, Bountiful 49; 13, Spanish Fork 45; 14, Sky View 44; 15, Salem Hills 33; 16, Logan 31; 17, Roy 30; 18, Olympus 28; 18, Judge Memorial 28; 20, Bonneville 17; 21, Mountain View 9; 22, Timpview 7; 23, Cyprus 5; 24, Corner Canyon 3.

100-yard butterfly: 1, Bryce Pearson, Kearns, 52.64; 2, Patrick Nordstrom, Highland, 53.29; 3, Josh Whisenant, Highland, 53.66; 4, Jed Christeson, Orem, 54.16; 5, Mitchel Hawley, Woods Cross, 54.17; 6, Mitchell Walker, Kearns, 54.52.

100-yard free: 1, James Sorensen, Skyline, 47.40; 2, Mckay Chamberlaind, Skylilne, 48.01; 3, Hunter Hallows, Wasatch, 48.84; 4, Adam Shelton, Skyline, 48.89; 5, Joey Hayes, Highland, 49.20; 6, Walker Giles, Kearns, 49.21.

500-yard free: 1, Connor Anderson, Springville, 4:39.33; 2, Christopher McClain, Springville, 4:47.65; 3, Mitchel Hawley, Woods Cross, 4:51.42; 4, Stephen Western, Olympus, 4:54.49; 5, Chad Patterson, Wasatch, 4:55.20; 6, Max Trevino, Skyline, 4:59.36.

200-yard free relay: 1, Skyline (James Sorensen, D Steed, Adam Shelton, Mckay Chamberlain), 1:27.37; 2, Kearns, 1:29.37; 3, Wasatch, 1:29.96.

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100-yard backstroke: 1, Porter Roe, Mountain Crest, 52.37; 2, Thomas Sheridan, Woods Cross, 54.49; 3, Carter Gratton, Murray, 54.69; 4, Adam Edwards, Mountain Crest, 54.84; 5, Aleksander Maccabee, Springville, 55.00; 6, Nathan Hale, Box Elder, 55.21.

100-yard breaststroke: 1, John Morris, Springville, 58.71; 2, Nathan Peercy, Kearns, 1:00.51; 3, Hunter Hallows, Wasatch, 1:00.94; 4, Kurt Healy, Murray, 1:01.35; 5, Daniel Avery, Woods Cross, 1:02.30; 6, Cole Jackman, Skyline, 1:02.40.

400-yard free relay: 1, Skyline (James Sorensen, D Steed, Adam Shelton, Mckay Chamberlain), 3:13.45; 2, Springville, 3:15.22; 3, Kearns, 3:15.93.

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