I was so excited and it was definitely the best time I've ever had in the medley. You want to be at your best at the state tournament, so it was just such a great feeling. I was sort of surprised by my time, but it was definitely the best feeling ever. —Desert Hills' Amelia Draney, who finished the 200-yard individual medley in 2:08.31

PROVO — Amelia Draney is her name and breaking records is her game.

The Desert Hills senior swimmer entered the 3A state championship holding the classification's record time for both the 200-yard and 500-yard freestyle.

On Friday, she tried for her third record.

Draney entered the pool Friday hoping for a sub 2:10.00 time in the 200-yard individual medley, and she exited the pool not only reaching that goal, but shattering the 3A state record of 2:10.48 set by Erin Pabst in 2008.

"I was so excited and it was definitely the best time I've ever had in the medley," said Draney, who finished in 2:08.31. "You want to be at your best at the state tournament, so it was just such a great feeling. I was sort of surprised by my time, but it was definitely the best feeling ever."

On Saturday, she'll attempt to break her record in the 500 free, where she'll be the favorite.

Draney's Desert Hills team did enough to place second through one day of competition, but will have to work double-time to catch Park City. The Miners dominated Friday's races — scoring 179.5 combined points to Desert Hills' 117. Cedar City is currently third with 82.5 points.

Park City started the day defending its title in the 200-yard medley relay and wrapped it up with freshman Roslyn Selznick winning the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:59.47.

On the boys side, Park City also leads. The Miners have 130 points, while Cedar City is in second place with 89 points. Juan Diego and Dixie are tied for third with 88 points apiece.

The Park City boys team didn't win any of the four events Friday, but placed second in three events.

Winners on the boys side included Desert Hills winning the 200-yard medley relay, Snow Canyon's Connor Newman taking the 200 freestyle title, Dixie's Michael Pantelakis the 200 IM and Canyon View's Nathan Wallace the 50 free.

Competition continues Saturday at Brigham Young University.

3A state swimming meet



Girls results

200-yard Medley Relay: 1. Park City (Natalie McDonald, Joelle Hess, Mara Selznick, Becca Selznick) 1:50.11; 2. Desert Hills (Megan Draney, Madison Wawrzyniak, Tessa Trimble, Amelia Draney) 1:54.65; 3. Cedar City (Eliza Hafen, Hannah Blackwell, Lizz Dempsey, Kristen Gross) 1:57.44; 4. Dixie (Hart Baresco, Tina Crum, Kayla Greer, Ashlee McBride) 2:02.16; 5. Snow Canyon (Tiffany Farris, Erin Call, Sydney Zwick, Bryn Condie) 2:04.14; 6. Uintah (Kialynn Jones, Kambrea Harris, Natalie Buelte, Sage Bingham) 2:04.71; 7. Tooele (Aumanae Hitesman, Cassidy Evans, Katelin Hardy, Madison Royle) 2:09.07; 8. Stansbury (Becki Clonts, Kylee Herbert, Lydia Darrell, Montana VonHatten) 2:09.60

200-yard Freestyle: 1. Roslyn Selznick, Park City, 1:59.47; 2. Megan Draney, Desert Hills, 1:59.66; 3. Tiffany Farris, Snow Canyon, 2:00.53; 4. Kaylee LeBaron, Hurricane, 2:03.93; 5. Anna-Maria Kurttila, Richfield, 2:04.48; 6. Shelby Bulkley, Payson, 2:06.69; 7. Bailey Burke, Park City, 2:07.82; 8. Jess Espinoza, Juan Diego, 2:09.83

200-yard Individual Medley: 1. Amelia Draney, Desert Hills, 2:08.31; 2. Joelle Hess, Park City, 2:11.87; 3. Megan Flake, Park City, 2:18.27; 4. Allie Watt, Pine View, 2:20.64; 5. Madison Wawrzyniak, Desert Hills, 2:22.59; 6. Tessa Trimble, Desert Hills, 2:26.49; 7. Katie Ivers, Park City, 2:27.95; 8. Madi McIntyre, Park City, 2:27.96

50-yard Freestyle: 1. Lizz Dempsey, Cedar City, 24.93; 2. Becca Selznick, Park City, 24.99; 3. Zoe Smith, Desert Hills, 25.28; 4. Kristen Gross, Cedar City, 25.32; 5. Natalie Buelte, Uintah, 25.38; 6. Kendall House, Park City, 25.76; 6. Lydia Harrell, Stansbury, 25.76; 8. Jess Espinoza, Juan Diego, 26.18

Boys results

200-yard Medley Relay: 1. Desert Hills (Spencer Bleazard, Makai Smith, Austin Anderson, Zach Rowe) 1:42.67; 2. Park City (Jinwon Bailar, Vincent Hess, Ryan Graves, Alex Yokubison) 1:43.18; 3. Dixie (Michael Pantelakis, Ashby Johnson, Ivan Cataluna, Luke Hager) 1:43.93; 4. Cedar City (Alex Knight, Nashton Bentley, Kollin Maxwell, Colby Clark) 1:44.93; 5. Juan Diego (Luke Opitz, Jordan Hendrickson, Casey Rose, Woodey, Greer) 1:45.37; 6. Uintah (Derek Anderson, Tyler Pace, Tyler Hermann, Josh Williams) 1:48.02; 7. Canyon View (Alan Anderson, Andreas Hendricks, Karter Brown, Nathan Wallace) 1:48.46; 8. Snow Canyon (Connor Newman, Jacob Atkinson, Alexander Karren, Mason Stevens) 1:50.34

200-yard Freestyle: 1. Connor Newman, Snow Canyon, 1:48.32; 2. Colby Clark, Cedar City, 1:49.03; 3. Garrett Hillman, Stansbury, 1:51.62; 4. Alex Yokubison, Park City, 1:56.06; 5. Connor Stolfa, Juan Diego, 1:56.09; 6. David Ferris, Park City, 1:56.10; 7. Vinnie Criscione, Park City, 1:56.20; 8. Luke Opitz, Juan Diego, 1:58.23

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200-yard Individual Medley: 1. Michael Pantelakis, Dixie, 1:58.92; 2. Jinwon Bailar, Park City, 2:00.33; 3. Spencer Bleazard, Desert Hills, 2:05.96; 4. Kollin Maxwell, Cedar City, 2:08.62; 5. Ashby Johnson, Dixie, 2:09.91; 6. Jack McMullin, Park City, 2:11.78; 7. Alex Knight, Cedar City, 2:13.14; 8. Tanner Higley, Grantsville, 2:14.79

50-yard Freestyle: 1. Nathan Wallace, Canyon View, 21.93; 2. Vincent Hess, Park City, 22.67; 3. Casey Rose, Juan Diego, 22.74; 4. Woodey Greer, Juan Diego, 23.35; 5. Alan Anderson, Canyon View, 23.78; 6. Tyler Pace, Uintah, 23.88; 7. Karter Brown, Canyon View, 23.90; 8. Josh Williams, Uintah, 23.99

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