I actually was a bit disappointed with my time, but it was enough. I'm obviously happy to win again after all the work I put in and I'm excited for the rest of the tournament. —West's Autumn Wolfgram, on winning the 200-yard freestyle championship

PROVO — Last year she served notice. This year she flat-out dominated.

West's Autumn Wolfgram defended her 200-yard freestyle championship in impressive fashion Friday during the first day of the 5A swimming championships. The super sophomore won her race by more than five seconds with a time of 1:54.81. The next-closest competitor was Viewmont's Kelly Burnham with a time of 2:00.00.

"I actually was a bit disappointed with my time, but it was enough," Wolfgram said. "I'm obviously happy to win again after all the work I put in and I'm excited for the rest of the tournament."

Wolfgram, along with her sister Amelia Wolfgram, helped West to a third-place finish in the medley relay to start the meet. A few events later saw Amelia take second in the 50-yard freestyle to Riverton's Abbey Sorensen.

West's stellar sisters return to the pool Saturday to defend Amelia's 100-yard backstroke title and Autumn's 100-yard butterfly title.

As good as they are in the pool, however, they may be even better away from it, according to West coach Casey Jackson.

"Both of them have wonderful attitudes, a great work ethic, and they're an absolute pleasure for me to coach," he said. "I'm blessed to have them on this team and lead this team."

Although Jackson will be without Amelia, a senior, next season, other Wolfgrams may be serving notice in the near future.

"I have a younger brother and a younger sister coming up and they may be the best of all of us," Autumn says. "We've definitely become a swimming family and we love it. Our father pushes us very hard and we're super competitive with each other. My sister will be a freshman next year and hopefully you'll be hearing about the Wolfgrams for a long tim."

Viewmont (121 points), Lone Peak (115) and Brighton (96.5) lead the girls team competition after one day of competition. Viewmont placed second in three of the four competitions while Lone Peak won both the 200-yard medley relay and the 200-yard individual medley, with senior Katy Smith taking that title with a time of 2:08.20.

On the boys side it was Lehi (91) taking a slight lead over both Herriman (80.5) and defending champion Brighton (78).

Herriman took two titles, with Regie Topham winning the 50-yard freestyle (21.01) and the team taking the 200-yard medley relay title. American Fork accounted for the other two titles on the boys side, with Steven Okelberry winning the 200-yard freestyle (1:43.97) and Ethan Pollock taking the 200-yard individual medley title with a time of 1:53.55.

Competition continues Saturday at Brigham Young University.

5A state swimming meet



Girls results

200 yard Medley Relay: 1. Lone Peak (Natalie Davis, Sarah Pulham, Katie Smith, Emma Fruehan) 1:50.59; 2. Viewmont (Marah Smith, Mariah Gassaway, Sienna Smith, Kelly Burnham) 1:50.96; 3. West (Amelia Wolfgram, Lauren Treiman, Grace Goddard, Autumn Wolfgram) 1:52.03; 4. Bingham (Grace Kroll, Ciera Orr, Liesel Bradshaw, Madi Merrill) 1:53.15; 5. American Fork (McKenna King, Sam Buker, Jess Moberly, Miranda Graves) 1:54.52; 6. Brighton (Katy Daggett, Ava Binder, Anna Graf, Hailee Wiest) 1:54.72; 7. Lehi (Elise Struthers, Hannah Hansen, Chloe Strugill, Mattie Irish) 1:55.55; 8. Westlake (Hannah VanLaningham, Madeline Lauder, Jada Whitmore, Amber Duck) 1:58.98

200-yard Freestyle: 1. Autumn Wolfgramm, West, 1:54.81; 2. Kelly Burnham, Viewmont, 2:00.00; 3. Katy Daggett, Brighton, 2:01.26; 4. Samantha Patterson, Lone Peak, 2:01.63; 5. Jordan Verdejo, Lone Peak, 2:01.71; 6. Mikell Rapp, Viewmont, 2:02.33; 7. Elise Struthers, Lehi, 2:02.75; 8. Jentry McGregor, Westlake, 2:02.95

200-yard Individual Medley: 1. Katie Smith, Lone Peak, 2:08.20; 2. Marah Smith, Viewmont, 2:13.01; 3. Rachel Anders, Cottonwood, 2:15.80; 4. Maddie Christensen, Riverton, 2:16.19; 5. Ciera Orr, Bingham, 2:17.64; 6. Natalie Davis, Lone Peak, 2:19.41; 7. Ava Binder, Brighton, 2:19.60; 8. Shae Simonson, Hunter, 2:21.03

50-yard Freestyle: 1. Abbey Sorensen, Riverton, 23.51; 2. Amelia Wolfgram, West, 24.57; 3. Claire Jackson, Hunter, 24.60; 4. Mckenna Gassaway, Viewmont, 24.70; 5. Miriah Gassaway, Viewmont, 24.82; 6. Emma Fruehan, Lone Peak, 25.08; 7. Kenzie Ford, Westlake, 25.15; 8. Liesel Bradshaw, Bingham, 25.51

Boys results

200-yard Medley Relay: 1. Herriman (Levi Lassig, Donovan Feist, Regie Topham, Josh Leigh) 1:39.02; 2. Lehi (Alec Huff, Tyler Blackburn, Jannik Dosch, Gavin Doel) 1:40.94; 3. American Fork (Ethan Pollock, Joseph Harding, Rodrigo Merino, Steven Okelberry) 1:41.10; 4. Bingham (Calvin Smith, Peter Nelson, Grant Roberts, Collin Horrocks) 1:43.00; 5. Viewmont (Andrew Hunt, TJ Spangenburg, Christian Hogan, Cade Rasmussen) 1:43.39; 6. Cottonwood (Andrew Anderson, Jonah Simon, Hagen Jensen, Caleb Roundy) 1:43.78; 7. Brighton (Lex Clark, Mitch Hone, Parker Wiest, Zach Dugdale) 1:45.01; 8. Alta (Jacob Van Uitert, Matthew Christensen, Trip Affleck, Nathan Hood) 1:45.20

200-yard Freestyle: 1. Steven Okelberry, American Fork, 1:43.97; 2. Parker Freeman, Lone Peak, 1:46.11; 3. Kyle Darling, Hunter, 1:46.89; 4. Brayden Corbridge, Hunter, 1:47.72; 4. Ty Johnson, Lehi, 1:47.72; 6. Drew Bonner, Viewmont, 1:48.14; 7. Tyler Barrett, Brighton, 1:48.95; 8. Jacob Bushman, Riverton, 1:49.11

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200-yard Individual Medley: 1. Ethan Pollock, American Fork, 1:55.53; 2. Jonah Simon, Cottonwood, 1:58.46; 3. Rian O’Neal, Brighton, 2:01.57; 4. Spencer Dew, Lone Peak, 2:01.68; 5. Tyler Blackburn, Lehi, 2:01.89; 6. James Thompson, Layton, 2:04.37; 7. Collin Horrocks, Bingham, 2:04.61; 8. Peter Nelson, Bingham, 2:05.07

50-yard Freestyle: 1. Regie Topham, Herriman, 21.01; 2. Brock Harries, Brighton, 21.85; 3. Gavin Doel, Lehi, 22.62; 3. Levi Lassig, Herriman, 22.62; 5. Cade Rasmussen, Viewmont, 22.70; 6. Aaron Cookson, Pleasant Gove, 22.72; 7. David Skorut, Hillcrest, 22.94; 8. Joseph Walker, Lone Peak, 22.95

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