It’s been tough in recent days to miss the historic news that national pharmacy chain CVS Caremark announced it will end tobacco sales in its stores.

As a member of the American Cancer Society, I can tell you that we applaud CVS for its decision — one that is very important in the effort to reduce tobacco use.

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While great progress has been made in the cancer fight and against tobacco, it is estimated the lethal product will kill 1 billion people worldwide in this century. Tobacco-related illnesses cost our economy more than $300 billion in direct medical costs and lost productivity. Addressing tobacco’s devastating effects is more than lifesaving — it’s simply good business.

Help to create smoke-free workplaces and help your employees quit smoking by limiting access to tobacco in your business. The business community must be an integral part of the solution in order to finish the fight against cancer.

Pam Higginson

West Haven