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Harper Collins
"Split Second" is the sequel to "Pivot Point" and both are by Kasie West.

"SPLIT SECOND: A Pivot Point Novel," by Kasie West, HarperTeen, $17.99, 360 pages (f) (ages 14 and up)

"Split Second" follows right on the heels of the outcome of "Pivot Point," launching Addison "Addie" Coleman back into the split worlds of the paranormally gifted and the Normal world with a visit to her father in the Normal world and her again facing choices to protect her powers while being given a second chance at a first love.

Written by Kasie West, a California resident, "Split Second" is the sequel to "Pivot Point." These young adult books focus on the life of Addie, a paranormally gifted teen who can Search into the future to see the results of a decision before it is made. Once she chooses which path to follow, the memories of the choice she doesn't make still remain.

In the first book, Addie's parents divorce and her father leaves the paranormal Compound to live with the Normals. Addie performs a Search to decide where to live, and that leads her to a choice between the Normal boy she is falling in love with or the Para friend she left behind and the potential danger that could befall them. This time, she asks her best friend, Lalia, who is a Memory Eraser, to erase both results.

Addie left herself a note and a clue to how she can get the memories back and hopefully find a way to fall in love with the Normal boy.

"Split Second" is a sequel, and understanding the world, characters and relationships is strongly dependent on having read the first book. The author tries to give a glimpse into the world without rehashing too much, but the story is much stronger with the background of the first book.

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Unlike "Pivot Point," "Split Second" isn't just Addie's story; it's also the story of her best friend, with the book shifting between their points of view each chapter. This can prove confusing, but West has done an excellent job of making the two teens very different in voice and character, even though both stories are told in first person.

The language is clean and free of swearing. There are a few scenes of mild violence and suspense and a little light kissing.

Overall, "Split Second" is a satisfying story with both girls earning their romantic happily-ever-afters while facing trials that are very relatable, even with the addition of the paranormal aspects. They are still navigating the difficulties of first loves, friendships, families and staying true to oneself — difficulties that every teenager understands.

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