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"Victoria's Promise" by Julie Wright is the next book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series.

"THE NEWPORT LADIES BOOK CLUB: Victoria's Promise," by Julie Wright, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 217 pages (f)

After a couple years of working on the set of the popular reality show "Vows" and watching an eligible bachelor weed his way through 30 bachelorettes before handing out a marriage proposal, Victoria "Tori" Winters is a bit jaded by the concept of true love.

Not to mention that the awful ending to her last relationship made it onto YouTube.

Tori has only one serious relationship, and that's with her job. It's one relationship that she's very good at.

That is, until the day Chris Caine, the new eligible bachelor, shows up on set. Tori knows all too well that handsome bachelors are a dime a dozen, but Chris is something else. Chris is genuine, thoughtful and kind — and interested in Tori. Despite herself, Tori finds herself falling for him as well.

The only problem is that Tori's signed contract prohibits flirting with the bachelor in the fine print, and Chris's contract includes a marriage proposal to one of the bachelorettes at the end of the show.

Tori risks her job and the possibility of being blacklisted from Hollywood for the scandal, which would crush her dream of being a screenwriter. With the help of her friends from the Newport Ladies Book Club, Tori struggles with deciding if having love is better than reaching her career dreams.

Not to mention that Chris is afraid of spiders, and Tori will not be the spider-killer in a relationship.

Utah author Julie Wright brings readers yet another delightful read — with an engaging story line, perfectly timed humor and a character relatable to anyone who has had fears of falling in love. Wright truly gives readers all the inside information they've been waiting for after reading about Tori in the other Newport Ladies Book Club novels.

"Victoria's Promise" is a clean romance centered on friendship and fairy-tale endings.

"Victoria's Promise" is part of the second set of books in the Newport Ladies Book Club parallel book series. Each book focuses on one member of the book club, shedding light into her personal life and challenges. Shared scenes allow readers to visit the same interactions and moments from different perspectives.

Once readers have read at least two or three of the Newport Ladies books, it's impossible not to read them all. Each leaves readers eager to learn what's really going on behind the scenes of each lady.

Hikari Loftus is a graduate from the University of Utah