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As reported by Time’s Alex Altman on Wednesday, Democrats are running away from President Barack Obama and his signature health care legislative accomplishment with new political ads hitting the airwaves.

“Republicans believe the bumpy debut of the Affordable Care Act is a gift that will propel them to sweeping victories in November,” writes Altman. He goes on to say Republicans see the ads admitting the law’s shortcomings as a big winner for the GOP come November.

According to USA Today’s David Jackson, Obama is going to have to confront a big issue in this year’s congressional elections: himself.

Jackson says if Obama wants to help his fellow Democrats the “best thing he can do for Democratic candidates is to stay away. If the Republicans have their way, Obama's record — particularly the health care law — will be front and center in the elections.”

National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke, in detailing one particular political ad in Florida’s 26th District, says Democrats are “running away from the president completely.”

Cooke writes that while the ad for Democratic candidate Joe Garcia says he is “working to fix” the law, it is “fascinating to watch a Political Action Committee associated with Nancy ‘we’re going to run on Obamacare’ Pelosi slamming the White House for ‘the disastrous health care website.’" And all the while Garcia is "boasting" he voted to allow Americans to keep their existing health care plans.

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It is also worth noting that according to Politico’s Tal Kopan, prominent Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill says “Democratic candidates don’t need Obama.”

“I’m trying to be really candid and honest on this show. You know, the president’s numbers are not strong in my state, or in Arkansas, or Louisiana, or North Carolina. He did not win those states when he ran for reelection in 2012,” McCaskill is quoted as saying on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

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