PROVO — Relax. Stay loose. And have some fun.

It is your last prep swim meet ever, after all.

Such was the attitude of Mountain Crest senior Hailey Pabst as she prepared to defend her 50-yard freestyle title.

Much like last year, her approach was a winning one.

Pabst put in one of the best performances of day one of the 4A state swimming championships — besting her competition in the 50 with a time of 23.98. Wasatch's Phebe James and Springville's Nichole Mertz tied for second with a time of 24.39.

"I just wanted to have fun knowing this was my last meet ever as a senior," Pabst said. "I had a good start and everything went smooth and I felt relaxed out there."

Mountain Crest also proved dominant on the boys side of the 50-yard freestyle, with Porter Roe taking the title with a time of 21.59. Skyline's McKay Chamberlain (21.89) finished second, while teammate Adam Shelton tied with East's Zach Dunn for third with a time of 22.06.

Perhaps the best performance on the men's side came from Springville senior John Morris, who took the 200-yard individual medley title with a time of 1:53.96. The next-closest swimmer was Thomas Sheridan from Woods Cross with a time of 1:59.10.

"It was a good race and I was able to get off to a good start," Morris said. "I've been working on getting off to better starts, so I'm very happy with my time and the result."

As for Springville's boys team overall, the Red Devils are right in the thick of it through four events. The team finished day one third in the standings (98 points), narrowly trailing Kearns (103) and Skyline (101.5).

"We're swimming good as a team and we're excited for tomorrow," Morris said.

It was all about Skyline on the girls side.

The Eagles (157 points) left day one of competition with a commanding lead over their next closest competitor, Wasatch (90.5). Leading the way was Skyline's 200-yard medley relay team, which took first in the day's first event.

Competition continues Friday at Brigham Young University.

4A state swimming meet



Girls 4A results

200-yard medley relay: 1. Skyline (Ali Dibble, DanI Zebelean, Lillian Moore, Sophie Brooks) 1:49.40; 2. Wasatch (Maddy Svoboda, Anna Dahl, Rachel Finley, Phebe James) 1:51.96; 3. Highland (Zoe Phillips, Tyler Stephenson, Xandra Pryor, India Phillips) 1:52.10; 4. Judge Memorial (Allison Witte, Caroline Yannelli, Marcela Vasquez, Elizabeth Reynolds) 1:54.63; 5. Springville (Payton Acor, Abigail Morris, Halle Acor, Abi Maccabee) 1:56.33; 6. Woods Cross (Alexis Ralph, Sabrina Nielsen, Gabrielle Beard, Elizabeth Steagall) 1:56.57

200-yard freestyle: 1. Hayley Hill, Corner Canyon, 1:54.59; 2. Eva Gontrum, Highland, 1:56.14; 3. Audrey Miller, Skyline, 1:57.49; 4. Meghan Rainier, East, 2:00.34; 5. Sphie Brooks, Skyline, 2:01.25; 6. Jordyn Weight, Skyline, 2:02.39

200-yard individual medley: 1. Zoe Phillips, Highland, 2:04.85; 2. Lillian Moore, Skyline, 2:06.61; 3. Alisa Gouge, Kearns, 2:12.94; 4. Morgan Leishman, Logan, 2:15.68; 5. Allison Witte, Judge Memorial , 2:17.32; 6. Laura Spencer, Olympus, 2:18.32

50-yard freestyle: 1. Hailey Pabst, Mountain Crest, 23.98; 2. Phebe James, Wasatch, 24.39; 2. Nichole Mertz, Springville, 24.39; 4. Claire Brooks, Skyline, 24.44; 5. Megan Mounteer, Wasatch, 25.13; Ali Dibble, Skyline, 25.15

Boys 4A results

200-yard medley relay: 1. Wasatch (Spencer Wabel, Hunter Hallows, Chad Patterson, Kyle Webb) 1:40.60; 2. Woods Cross (Thomas Sheridan, Daniel Avery, Cody Millward, Mitchell Hawley) 1:40.89; 3. Highland (Joey Hayes, Josh Whisenant, Mike Silver, Patrick Nordstrom) 1:40.98; 4. Kearns (Walker Giles, Nathan Peercy, Mitchell Walker, Ben Monson) 1:41.04; Springville (Aleksander Maccabee, John Morris, Gabe Hargett, Jacob Anderson) 1:41.09; 6. Murray (Carter Gratton, Kurt Healy, Andreas Hermansen, Adam Kingston) 1:41.34

200-yard freestyle: 1. James Sorensen, Skyline, 1:41.43; 2. Connor Anderson, Springville, 1:42.75; 3. Chad Patterson, Wasatch, 1:45.62; 4. Christopher McClain, Springville, 1:46.89; 5. Colton Christensen, Spanish Fork, 1:48.11; 6. Stephen Western, Olympus, 1:48.68

200-yard individual medley: 1. John Morris, Springville, 1:53.96; 2. Thomas Sheridan, Woods Cross, 1:59.10; 3. Bryce Pearson, Kearns, 2:00.45; 4. Nathan Peercy, Kearns, 2:02.31; 5. Carter Gratton, Murray, 2:02:52; 6. Josh Whisenant,Highland, 2:02.54

50-yard freestyle: 1. Porter Roe, Mountain Crest, 21.59; 2. McKay Chamberlain, Skyline, 21.89; 3. Adam Shelton, Skyline, 22.06; 3. Zach Dunn, East, 22.06; 5. Thomas LeBaron, Box Elder, 22.16; 6. Patrick Nordstrom, Highland, 22.24


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