I don’t know who wrote the “Enhancing education: In Our Opinion" article in the Feb. 10 Deseret News. But whoever it was didn’t check his facts very well.

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He wrote, “More money doesn’t seem to correlate with better student performance.” In 2009, the ten states with the highest per pupil expenditures averaged 16 in ranking of education-quality, which includes graduation rates, test result, etc.; while the ten states with the lowest per pupil expenditures averaged 36 in ranking. He wrote, “Utah. . . has one of the country’s highest graduation rates.”

In 2012, Utah’s 76 percent graduation rate ranked us 33rd in the nation. In 2013 that rate rose all the way up to 81 percent, and I doubt that put us in the upper regions. Utah has never been at the top in per-pupil expenditures or class size, because of our large families, but our state used to be ranked in the top ten in percent of income dedicated to teaching those students, but now, thanks to our legislature, we are ranked about 32nd in effort.

Fred Ash