We're told that we must have compassion for immigrants, even undocumented ones. Why not some compassion for American workers who've been displaced by illegal labor, or had their wages lowered by immigrant competition which is essentially illegal?

Unemployment is over 10 percent. Teenagers especially have a hard time finding jobs. Real wages have stagnated for 20 years and the welfare rolls bulge with people who would gladly work if there were jobs available.

We're told that immigrants do jobs Americans won't do, but that isn't true. Americans did those jobs years ago — picking fruit, framing houses, frying burgers. Construction and farm labor used to be an American kid's introduction to work and responsibility. This untruth about taking jobs we won't do allows business owners to lower wages at citizens' expense.

Opportunities for the poor and the young have been stolen. I'm reserving my compassion for the real victims here.

Charity begins at home. Let's have compassion, and jobs, for citizens first.

Steve Setzer