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Christina Fox from Desiring God said looking for religion's influence to avoid technology addiction can be of great help.

Are we addicted to technology? Christina Fox from Desiring God, a faith media website, thinks we are, to an extent. She said her son was asking for her attention, but she only answered after she was done with her phone call, which shows the levels people are connected to technology. And scripture, among other things, can help us see past the new forms of media.

“No doubt, technology provides many benefits to our lives. But we can’t be naïve to the consequences, including primarily its impact on our in-person relationships,” Fox wrote. “It entices us away from face-to-face contact and real authentic connections. More often than not, it’s a time waster. It sucks us in and consumes hours. We think we are logging in to check one thing and an hour later we finally come up for air. The limited granules in the sands of our life’s clock trickle down while our fingers swipe and click our days away. And like my son reminded me, how much of real life is missed when our eyes are glued to the screen of our virtual life?”

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