SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Department of Transportation last week presented awards to six employees.

The Silver Barrel awards went to Region 4 employees Dale Sellers, Kim Manwill, Monte Aldridge, Chet Johnson, Randall Taylor and Nancy Jerome.

Sellers, from the Hanksville Maintenance Station, covered for his ill supervisor when a major flooding event closed state Route 95 and caused unsafe conditions on state Route 24 north and west of Hanksville. Dale mobilized the crew and reopened most of the areas very quickly. Dale continued to work on the cleanup for the next two weeks and then monitored work performed by a contractor.

Manwill was the project manager on the recently completed Diverging Diamond Interchange at milepost 8 in St. George on I-15. The project included an aggressive schedule with a goal to have the interchange functioning prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Manwill beat the goal by opening a week early.

Aldridge, Johnson and Taylor assisted researchers from Utah State University with their study of wildlife use of various bridges and culverts. The result of the study includes design recommendations such as culvert length and fencing that will reduce wildlife collisions. Because of their assistance, the state should see substantial cost savings due to the reduced number of collisions.

Nancy Jerome manages a project on U.S. 89 from Kanab to Kanab Creek. There have been many obstacles up to this point including environmental, right-of-way, public, local and business concerns as well as roadway closures and difficult constructibility issues. Jerome helped meet the needs of UDOT as well as the needs of the affected entities.