In your Sunday editorial (Feb. 9), I believe you were unfair in your characterization of speaker John Boehner's comments about why it is unlikely an immigration bill will pass Congress this year.

He said that the members don't believe the president will enforce the law, particularly provisions that toughen illegal entry into the U.S. In this the GOP members are right. President Obama has shown an arrogance in office by making unlawful changes to Obamacare, making recess appointments when the Senate wasn't in recess, and using the IRS to harass his political opponents.

It is compassionate to solve the problem of those illegal immigrant families who are caught in the cracks of a poorly administered immigration law already in place. It is equally compassionate to everyone to enforce border security. The president has shown that he cannot be entrusted to implement a law that first strengthens the borders before giving citizenship to those illegal immigrants already here. On this, the GOP members are right.

Charles Akerlow

Salt Lake City