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NBC/ YouTube screen shot
Olympic luger Kate Hansen has become well-known for her pre-race warm up.

By now, anyone who is interested in the Winter Olympics is likely aware of Brigham Young University student Kate Hansen and her pre-race dance routine — and that now includes American pop artist Beyoncé Knowles.

As Hansen waited to compete in the luge event Monday for the United States, many were caught off-guard by her unconventional approach to preparing. Hansen was spotted on camera several times with headphones on, busting a move. And although she did not medal in the women's luge event, coming in at 10th place, Hansen has continued to make headlines.

In a post-race interview with NBC, Hansen explained the kind of music she listens to before competing.

"Strictly Beyoncé," Hansen said. "My girl, B! She just gets me fierce and I get stoked. I've got good mojo on, so it's how I roll."

Shortly after Hansen announced Beyoncé as her motivation, the pop artist responded by posting a story about Hansen on her Facebook page.

Hundreds responded to the post, including the official Facebook account for Brigham Young University.

The university posted: "Thanks for sharing, Beyoncé. We're proud of our dancing Olympian. Top 10 in the world!"

The USA Luge Facebook page also commented: "Wow! Thank you Beyoncé! I'm sure Kate would love to show you her moves in person."

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