Concerning Sen. Howard Stephenson's proposed bill SB34:

I don't believe Utah parents would ever opt into an Education/Workforce Alliance data bill such as SB34, so I respectfully ask, "Whose needs does this data bill represent?"

This bill goes right to the heart of the debate over the standardization of education. I understand that this debate is in full steam all around the country. But while parents are not clamoring for their children to be funneled into a standardized system to suit the needs of the workforce, government loves the idea — which is well proven by the sad story of human history.

Renowned Hillsdale College history professor Terrence Moore said this: "Jobs don't make the human mind. The human mind makes jobs." If we go down this historically detrimental road where jobs are the end goal of all learning, we are moving our children away from education for the pursuit of happiness — and America away from the individualism, entrepreneurialism and creativity which have made us exceptional.

I strongly urge the opposition of this legislation, and to oppose legislation that would further standardize Utah's education system in order to enlarge the power of government and the pockets of business leaders. Do not place our children's feet on a dark road where they are no longer taught to learn for the sheer love of learning.

Jakell Sullivan