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Kerry Hayes, Columbia Pictures
Joel Kinnaman and Abbie Cornish star in Columbia Pictures' "RoboCop."

'RoboCop’: 3 points for parents

Violence/gore: Massive amounts of firepower are used in this futuristic cop film, involving machine guns, handguns, stun guns and explosives. A man stands next to a car as it explodes (this is shown multiple times). He is shown after the fact. Torture is used as an interrogation tactic. Some blood appears after wounds occur. A person’s lungs and heart are shown.

Language: Profanity is used many times. Use of a sexual expletive. Some uses are bleeped since they are depicted as being on TV.

Sensuality/nudity: A married couple disrobe and lie on a bed together. Only the woman’s blouse is removed. They only kiss passionately as the scene is interrupted.

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