One out of every four graduating high school seniors passed an Advanced Placement exam in 2013. The state is currently tied for 7th place in the nation for its AP success rate.

SALT LAKE CITY — One out of every four graduating seniors passed an Advanced Placement exam in 2013, according to new figures released Tuesday by the College Board.

Utah's AP success rate is now tied with New York for 7th place in the nation, up from 11th place in 2012 when 22 percent of graduating seniors earned college credit through AP exams.

"Obviously this is terrific news,” State Superintendent of Public Instruction Martell Menlove said in a prepared statement. “But it’s also important to remember that Utah’s increasing AP success rate is only part of what our schools are doing to prepare students for college and careers."

According to the Utah State Office of Education, the 2012-13 academic year also saw 1,132 students involved in International Baccalaureate programs, passing a combined 1,406 IB exams. Another 27,444 students participated in concurrent enrollment courses, earning roughly 190,000 hours of college credit.

According to the College Board, which administers the AP program, a total of 20,638 students took 33,217 AP exams, with 22,398 of those exams earning a score of 3, 4 or 5 and translating into college credit. The total number of tests taken increased by 8.4 percent over 2012, according to the College Board.