Our current political caucus system is open to all interested people who care about their government. Everyone's voice may be heard and all have an opportunity to be chosen as a party delegate. Go and participate. These delegates take time to become knowledgeable about candidates and issues and meet with the candidates in person to be able to make informed intelligent choices.

Less well-known candidates have the opportunity to present views without spending a fortune on advertising, and may show compelling arguments for being chosen. Party caucuses allow for a really bright, effective person to run for office without having a big bankroll.

Eliminating the caucus system will also eliminate the grass-roots voice of the small man in politics. Candidates will only be those with the most money to spend on advertising. We will have more lifetime politicians in office because of name recognition. Advertising dollars and face time do not add up to the best candidates but do add up to buying elections.

Do not be fooled by this awful initiative. Continue the local grass-roots caucus system. Get involved in the process of choosing the best candidates.

Dee Russell