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There are creative ways to make a home affordable.

The Making Home Affordable program is a crucial part of the Obama administration’s push to not only help homeowners afford a quality home, but to also “avoid foreclosure, stabilize the country's housing market and improve the nation's economy.”

The government website provides programs to help with lowering monthly payments, transitioning for those that can’t afford their home to more inexpensive options and helping unemployed homeowners.

However, some are finding more creative ways to make home ownership affordable.

According to CBC News, in British Columbia, Canadians are concerned about home affordability as well and are finding new ways to get the most out of their dollar.

The article highlights families that are using “mixer mortgages” to better afford escalating home prices. These co-ownership households offer families a chance at owning a bigger home for less money because two or more families are going into it.

“For the Moreys and Thrifts, sharing a home — and life — has worked out beautifully so far,” CBC reports. “They say they plan to stay together until the children leave for school.”

Furthermore, the New York Times’ Michael Tortorello reports on how a family in Brooklyn, N.Y., found a solution to remain in a smaller home while creating more space. The family needed a spare room for guests but didn’t have the space with two children.

“Except for a spare room, the couple’s 1,150-square-foot home offers everything they could want: a deck and backyard, a historic tree-lined block, a short walk to Prospect Park and the train, a coveted elementary school,” writes Tortorello. “Ms. Goldstein can imagine moving up to a three-bedroom nearby. What she cannot yet fathom are the $1.6 million listings.”

Tortorello says that the family solved its dilemma by purchasing a bunk bed, rooming both of their children together and opening up space for a spare room.

The government may be able to help some families, but others are finding new and creative ways to make their home affordable.

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