The greatest benefit of “Count My Vote” is it reveals the ideology of people we have elected (past and present) to represent us as a community. Do these people believe in representative government by the people who elected them as their voice, or do they want to hang on to the power they now possess being in government office?

My vote does count with the caucus system, which is the closest thing to a republic set up by the Founding Fathers of this nation. If you study Utah's history you will learn that we tried an open primary system and the people did not like the results.

In a blog by Fred Cox, former member of the Utah House of Representatives, “Utah was one of the early states to get rid of the caucus system and voter turnout actually went down. In 1937 we changed it for a powerful State Senator, Herbert Maw. … After disillusionment, Utah restored the caucus and convention System.”

You can see the article in the Deseret News from 1946. “It appears we changed it to get a governor that wouldn't have won otherwise. It took less than 10 years for everyone to want the Caucus and Convention system back.” We must learn from our past. Who are we going to change our system for this time?

Krista Simonsen