The whole team stepped up tonight. I’m real proud of my guys. We had a good game plan and, for the most part, we executed it well. —Springville coach Chris Kitchen

SPRINGVILLE — Layups are easier than jump shots.

The concept is simple enough, but executing efficiently on offense to get easy shots under the basket time and again? Well, that takes some work.

Springville did that work effectively to earn a bevy of easy baskets and a win over region rival Provo 61-49 Friday night.

Perhaps the most layups made by the Red Devils came in a game-defining 15-3 run to end the third quarter. Springville led 47-30 at that point and coasted from there to win and separate itself in the standings.

“The whole team stepped up tonight,” said Springville coach Chris Kitchen. “I’m real proud of my guys. We had a good game plan and, for the most part, we executed it well.”

Part of Kitchen’s game plan was what he terms "get the ball to the baseline," which essentially means to push the tempo constantly at the opponent.

His team followed that game plan almost to perfection throughout the third quarter.

Time and again the Red Devils beat a lagging Bulldog defense down the court to get easy buckets. One key stretch saw Rhett Clark get three straight layups as a result of simply being the first guy to the other end of the court.

“We were cleaning up the boards after making them take bad shots,” Kitchen said. “You get them down, and you keep them down, and that’s we were focused on. We did a great job getting them out of everything they wanted to run and offensively we got just about everything that we wanted.”

Even when the initial shot didn’t fall, the Red Devils often cleaned up the offensive boards to the tune of 11 offensive rebounds. Seven blocked shots and eight team steals also played a big part in the win.

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Kayden Hillstead led the way for the Red Devils with a game-high 18 points. Clark and Max Terry added 12 and 11 points, respectively.

Hunter Bailey led Provo with a team-high 17 points with Wesley Bosco adding 11.

With the win Springville improves to 4-4 in Region 8 play, which ties Provo for fourth place and the league's final playoff spot.

“You’re always looking at the standings and this was a big win for us tonight,” Kitchen said. “There’s four weeks left and it’s going to be a slugfest in region to see who gets in.”


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