Last month, by a 6-3 vote, the Salt Lake County Council chose to protest the Olympus Hills Annexation Petition. In so doing the council failed eighth grade math, chose to waste tax payer money to fund a needless study, made a very loud statement that they reject self-determination, and knowingly poked the majority of homeowners in the eye. And they wonder why we want to leave the transitional caretaker county government structure?

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We know now that our departure has no significant impact on the balance of the township. The annexation area is about 5% of Millcreek Township. If the area is twenty percent revenue positive (hard to imagine from a completely residential area) the impact to the rest of the Township would be 1%. The most likely scenario is that our departure will have no financial impact at all.

It’s time for the county to stop obstructionist, expensive delays and let the people of the county live wherever they want to.

John Bradshaw

Salt Lake City