SANDY — Pleasant Grove took an important step toward winning its fourth-straight 5A state championship Thursday night.

The Vikings dominated the 5A divisional A qualifier at Jordan High School, easily winning the team title while qualifying 22 wrestlers to next week’s state tournament at the Maverik Center.

“This is big to us. It’s not our main goal, but we came in with the mentality just like every tournament: Do our best, wrestle our hardest — all three periods, all we can go,” said Pleasant Grove’s T.J. Wind. “State is our peak. That’s when Pleasant Grove peaks. You’ll see it.”

Pleasant Grove advanced 10 wrestlers to Thursday’s finals, ultimately winning eight, including four by pin.

“It’s good to win this tournament by a lot of points and a get a lot of kids into the tournament. I think we got 22 kids in and the max you can get is 28, so I think we did pretty dang good,” said Pleasant Grove's Kyson Levin.

Pleasant Grove finished with 487 points to win the meet, followed by Herriman with 319, Jordan at 233.5 and Bingham with 233.

Herriman qualified 18 wrestlers for the 5A state tournament, while host Jordan qualified 14.

Pleasant Grove wrestlers Levin (113 pounds), Landon Gates (138), Austin Taylor (220) and Zachary Dawe (285) all pinned their opponents in their title matches, and Levin, Taylor and Dawe pinned all their opponents throughout the meet.

Levin wasn’t particularly pleased with how he wrestled prior to picking up the second-period pin, but the junior vowed to be more focused at state next week as he seeks his third individual state title.

“That was kind of a weak match for me. I didn’t really go out there that confident, but I’ll be ready for state,” he said.

Pleasant Grove’s other individual champs were Nelson Jones (106), Ben Anderson (120), Bailey Carlson (160) and Wind (170).

Jones and Anderson won their matches comfortably, while Carlson beat Herriman’s Kenner French in overtime and Wind narrowly beat Herriman’s Shane French, 9-7.

“French is a tough opponent, good defensively. I just wrestled smart and felt like I got them in the end,” said Wind, a defending state champ.

A pair of West High wrestlers denied Pleasant Grove a 10 for 10 sweep in the finals. Trailing Pleasant Grove’s Josh Anderson by two in the waning seconds of their 160-pound match, Zach Colangelo recorded a takedown with 0.6 seconds remaining to send the match into overtime, where he eventually prevailed.

Teammate Will Lang had a much easier time against Pleasant Grove’s Marcos Garcia, winning his 182-pound match 7-1.

The other four individual winners were Viewmont’s David Kim (126), Herriman’s Jaron Jensen (132), Jordan’s Tayler Johnson (145) and Bingham’s Nick Heninger (195).

Heninger beat defending state champ Clay Moss 1-0 in a tightly contested match to claim the top seed heading into state.

“Clay and I used to be wrestling partners back in little league. He’s definitely athletic. Our matches are always battling back and forth,” said Heninger, who added that he fully expects to wrestle his old little league wrestling buddy again at state.

Team scores

1. Pleasant Grove, 487; 2. Herriman, 319; 3. Jordan, 233.5; 4. Bingham, 233; 5. Viewmont, 202; 6. Weber, 185.5; 7. Copper Hills, 162; 8. Lone Peak, 113; 9. West, 112; 10. Riverton, 107.

Individual results (top 8 qualify for state)

106 — 1. Nelson Jones, Pleasant Grove; 2. Taylor Porath, Viewmont; 3. Coby Vandertoolen, Bingham; 4. Derek Fisher, Pleasant Grove; 5. Joey Revelli, Copper Hills; 6. Jordan Marshall, Copper Hills; 7. TJ Nielson, Cottonwood; 8. Drake Hale, Herriman.

113 — 1. Kyson Levin, Pleasant Grove; 2. Heston Woolsey, Weber; 3. Keagan Sanchez, Jordan; 4. Billy Ludlow, Riverton; 5. Alex Young, Pleasant Grove; 6. Landon Anderson, Copper Hills; 7. Rhett Bonner, Jordan; 8. Jayden Marshall, Copper Hills.

120 — 1. Ben Anderson, Pleasant Grove; 2. Chandler Strand, Herriman; 3. Jacob Knapp, Cottonwood; 4. Colton Schieving, Bingham; 5. Cole Kendall, Weber; 6. Colton Schieving, Bingham; 7. Austin Walker, Lone Peak; 8. Brayden Llewellyn, Pleasant Grove.

126 — 1. David Kim, Viewmont; 2. Morgan Turner, Copper Hills; 3. Jake Barton, Bingham; 4. Troy Tebbs, Lone Peak; 5. Stanton Wiser, Weber; Hayden Hewitt, Herriman; 7. Skylar Orton, Jordan; 8. Austin Hunsaker, Herriman.

132 — 1. Jaron Jensen, Herriman; 2. Jordan McRae, Bingham; 3. Joey Day, Jordan; 4. Nathaniel Peterson, Hillcrest; 5. Bryer Hansen, Pleasant Grove; 6. Taylor Treasure, Weber; 7. Chaz Barraclough, Viewmont; 8. Cole Clark, Herriman.

138 — 1. Landon Gates, Pleasant Grove; 2. Andy Larsen, Lone Peak; 3. Tony Trujillo, Herriman; 4. Trey Giles, Herriman; 5. Jayden Frank, Riverton; 6. Coleman Roberts, Pleasant Grove; 7. Alex Maxwell, Jordan; 8. Tyson Treasure, Weber.

145 — 1. Tayler Johnson, Jordan; 2. Jed Diederich, Cottonwood; 3. Kaden Sperry, Pleasant Grove; 4. Omar Mendoza, West; 5. Tallon Romero, Weber; 6. Colton French, Herriman; 7. Bridger Hyatt, Viewmont; 8. Dakota Zucker, Bingham.

152 — 1. Zach Colangelo, West; 2. Josh Anderson, Pleasant Grove; 3. Garrett Hoyt, Weber; 4. Taylor Brundage, Herriman; 5. Luke Gibbs, Viewmont; 6. Wyatt Green, Copper Hills; 7. Jaime Ortiz, Riverton; 8. Jacob Taylor, Lone Peak.

160 — 1. Bailey Carlson, Pleasant Grove; 2. Kenner French, Herriman; 3. Cole Johnson, Lone Peak; 4. Trevor Lambe, Jordan; 5. Koy Wilkinson, Pleasant Grove; 6. Brennin Erickson, Weber; 7. Jake Funes, Bingham; 8. Alex Graham, Viewmont.

170 — 1. TJ Wind, Pleasant Grove; 2. Shane French, Herriman; 3. Raul Cervantes, Jordan; 4. Taylor Kump, Pleasant Grove; 5. Zack Mcdougall, Bingham; 6. Dylan Swenson, Herriman; 7. Ryan Hoyne, Jordan; 8. Nelson Brian, Copper Hills.

182 — 1. Will Lang, West; 2. Marcos Garcia, Pleasant Grove; 3. Drew Hale, Herriman; 4. Rhett Speth, Jordan; 5. Nate Naylor, Bingham; 6. Jordan Bagwell, Viewmont; 7. Tyler Schenk, Weber; 8. Thomas Davenport, Jordan.

195 — 1. Nick Heninger, Bingham; 2. Clay Moss, Jordan; 3. Devon Childress, Weber; 4. Wade French, Herriman; 5. Simeon Page, Riverton; Hunter Dunn, Pleasant Grove; 7. Daniel Munoz, West; 8. Brandon Closson, Pleasant Grove.

220 — 1. Austin Taylor, Pleasant Grove; 2. Cannon Newman, Herriman; 3. Brayden Mayo, Pleasant Grove; 4. Josh Nageli, Bingham; 5. Zach Degrey, Viewmont; 6. Estefan Weddell, Jordan; 7. Alex Rixe, Copper Hills; 8. Stone Segala, Herriman.

285 — 1. Zac Dawe, Pleasant Grove; 2. Austin Bunkall, Bingham; 3. Braxton Gardner, Copper Hills; 4. Demetrius Davis, Pleasant Grove; 5. Jonah Larsen, Riverton; 6. Conner Birch, Herriman; 7. Gerardo Suarez, West; 8. Josh Fennell, Bingham.