I am a seventh grade student at Orem Junior High School. I am concerned that the Alpine School District requires students to attend school on Veterans' Day. My father is a Navy veteran and because of this, I have this concern.

I believe that the school does not honor our veterans by requiring us to attend school on Veterans' Day. I don’t feel that this is a proper way for us to honor those who died for our freedoms, and getting Veterans' Day off is a way for us to do that. We don’t really think or care about Veterans' Day when we are required to attend school. And when we attend schooll that day, we don’t really talk about the actions of our veterans.

We should celebrate Veterans' Day just as we do Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. They are both very important, and we should be let out of school on both. We would not have civil rights if not for Martin Luther King Jr. or veterans. If it weren’t for veterans there would be no reason to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day as we would not have the ability to enjoy civil rights.

We are united as an American people by freedoms which are provided for us by veterans which opened the door to enjoy civil rights. Thus we should be able to celebrate both holidays equally.

Conner Lalliss