Cameron Franks, a senior at Rusk High School, started a T-shirt campaign after a teacher took down a Christian-themed poster.

It started when a Texas high school teacher took down a poster.

The poster — which featured a cross with the words “the power of God” among other Christian-themed text — was removed by the teacher after The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a nonprofit looking to separate church and state, asked the teacher to take it down, The Daily Beast reported.

And then, Cameron Franks, a senior at Rusk High School in Rusk, Texas, spoke out against the poster’s removal and stood up for his Christian beliefs.

“We’ve walked our halls for four years and we’ve been persecuted and called hypocrites and everybody that’s a Christian, I’m sure they’ve had that time in their life when they’ve been persecuted and I knew it was time to take a stand,” Franks said, according to The Daily Beast.

Franks said he was through hiding his religion and wanted to spread the word that it’s OK to promote faith. With that in mind, he created a T-shirt with the text “Let GOD RULE your world, if you want GOD TO ROCK your World!” The shirt costs $5 and is available through a Facebook page.

And that Facebook page has boomed with comments and sharing by Franks and others. Titled “Take a Stand for Jesus, We Won’t Be Shaken,” the page shows Franks continuing to show his appreciation for God. He recently spoke out against users who responded negatively to the shirt.

“I have come to the conclusion that these people who left these terrible remarks are also God's children, and they are no different than any of us,” he wrote. “This is just one of many ways Satan will attack believers and non-believers. We need to pray for these individuals so they may come to know Christ through this page.”

The Christian Post said that Franks and his family ordered 100 shirts because they thought the popularity of the T-shirts would diminish very quickly. But now they have ordered 2,000 shirts because of the demand.

"There's no limit to what can happen as far as what God can do," said Noel Franks, Cameron Franks’ father. "I'm not going to ever try to put him in a box again because he's proven me wrong so many times."

And wearing, creating and spreading the world of these shirts is part of a bigger plan, Franks said.

“This might sound crazy, 292,000,000 shirts or posters, but God's will and plans are so much bigger than we can ever comprehend,” he said. “He is the King of Kings, The Great I Am and the victorious warrior. I will leave with this. Can you imagine a sea of red shirts that reach all around the world because you took a stand and made a difference for the kingdom of God?”

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