Some time ago, looking at a picture of our beautiful Earth taken from the surface of our moon, brought about the general realization that we live on a finite-sized space ship. How can any thinking person not understand that constant population growth, supposedly necessary for continued global economic health, is unsustainable.

Here in Jordan Valley, our leaders move in concert with worldwide leaders that embrace the business model of constant growth. Growth, in population, consumer spending, income, employment, inflation, etc., is considered necessary for economic success. Given our finite earth and its resources, shouldn't our "leaders" be more concerned with long-term sustainability than short-term economic success?

Is building wealth a necessary or morally worthwhile goal? At what point does the Earth's population overcome her critical resources, primarily clean air and water? There can be no doubt that continual growth will bring us to this point. Look around Jordan Valley; clean air, plenty of clean water? The business model requiring continued population growth is fatally flawed.

When will our leaders wake up to that fact; after relocation of the State Prison or some other business opportunity that will support a larger population and short-term business success but only hastens our rush to resource exhaustion?

Richard Fox

West Jordan