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The Internet is taking a step back in order to go forward.

The Internet is taking a step back to go forward, BuzzFeed reported.

In the past, Internet companies, like AOL, hosted news portals where users could find different news organizations and niche websites through a central hub, BuzzFeed said. Now, social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are bringing this idea back as they figure out their next step. And it may not be the right move to make.

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“There is an obvious and strong case for presenting the news of the day in plain language and an orderly fashion,” BuzzFeed wrote. “There’s a similarly strong case for adding weather updates and stock prices. But is it Facebook’s job to do it? Does anyone really love these second-tier additions? Do you, or anyone you know, have truly fond memories of any 90s Web portal? Or were they just there? For news, portalization is a fate not quite worse than death.”

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